Rechtsanwalt Dr. Oliver Kaufmann

Dr. Oliver Kaufmann

«Passionate curiosity»

I like to immerse myself in a subject. A customised solution requires detailed knowledge and precision. When I argue before the Federal Court, it is particularly important to have a firm grasp of the legal issues and to stay focused in both language and argument. I have a keen sense for subtleties and can make use of the finer details as leverage for my clients.

As an attorney-at-law, it is equally important that I can formulate complex issues in a way that is easy to understand. I require industry knowledge and business acumen, but also the correct words and the right tone to convey the chosen strategy to the client or to convince the judge.

I am driven by passionate curiosity. Whether it is about how laboratory equipment works, about an historical event, or about how to take care of my kitchen knives, I always want to learn more. I have the same specialist approach to competition and anti-trust law: by truly understanding things in detail, I can often find the crucial elements.


Dr. iur., University Zurich
Admission to the bar (Canton of Zurich)
lic. iur., University Zurich


Partner at Streichenberg
Partner in a boutique law firm specialising in antitrust law
Lawyer in a large law firm in Zurich
Lawyer at Streichenberg
Research Assistant Secretariat Competition Commission

Memberships – Publications – Specialties

  • Registered at the Zurich Bar Association

  • Member of the Zurich and Swiss Bar Associations

  • Studienvereinigung Kartellrecht e.V.

  • International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA)

  • Europe Institute at the University of Zurich (EIZ)

  • Co-Founder and Manager of "Debating Competition", a series of events for young talents and professionals in the area of competition and antitrust law and antitrust economics.

  • Various publications on the subject of competition and antitrust law