Cem Arikan

Cem Arikan, LL.M.

«Never say never»

Where people come together, conflicts arise. Yet my experience has shown me that personally challenging situations always offer potential for development. The legal skills serve me as a tool to resolve interpersonal difficulties. By knowing the law and understanding the interests involved, I actively intervene to achieve the best for my clients - whether in the course of finding an amicable solution or as counsel in court.

Business law and transport law have accompanied me for many years and I am familiar with the manifold issues and problems of companies, especially insurers. This is where it becomes apparent that human beings act as economic creatures. For example, it is only through risk transfer that we are prepared to tackle an undertaking with economic consequences. The interaction of many different parties and needs in an international setting fascinates me.

I have a precise eye for cultural nuances. Stereotyping challenges me. Born and raised in Switzerland, extended stays in China, South Africa and France, as well as my Turkish origins, showed me that people are the same everywhere. What's different are the social rules - and they have to be mastered.

Main Focus


  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Turkish


LL.M. in Shipping Law, University of Cape Town
Admitted to the bar
University of Zurich, lic.iur.


  • Since 2022, Partner, Streichenberg und Partner 
  • Counsel with a leading Swiss law firm in the fields of insurance and transport
  • Associate in a Swiss law firm in Beijing/China
  • Claims handler with a leading Swiss insurer for global corporate business
  • Legal counsel of the city council of Schaffhausen

Memberships – Publications – Specialties

  • Member of the Zurich Bar Association
  • Member Swiss Bar Association
  • AIJA (Transport Law Commission)
  • IVR (International Association for the representation of the mutual interests of the inland shipping and the insurance)
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Transportrecht
  • Swiss liability insurance shake-up likely to challenge insurers, in: InsuranceDay (together with Dr. Clemens von Zedtwitz)
  • Pflicht bleibt Pflicht – auch im revidierten VVG; in: HZ Insurance
  • VVG: Individuelle Konsequenzen bei Verzug, in: HZ Insurance