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Distribution law

Successfully scaling business models

Turning a business idea into reality requires a solid legal foundation. It is vital to find the right partners, equip them with the necessary resources and at the same time protect your own know-how in the long term. Distribution law requires not only outstanding professional expertise but also an in-depth understanding of relevant business issues. Streichenberg is aware of the challenges that arise where the law and business intersect, and offers tailor-made support.

Focus Areas

A strategic choice: the most suitable distribution channel and the right partners

The best choice of distribution model depends on various factors: Are you seeking a national or international distribution network? How much of an impact do you wish to have on growth, quality and customer relations? What type of distribution partner do you have the most faith in – large corporations or individuals? We help you identify and set up the right distribution channel for you, i.e. franchising, an agency solution or an exclusive distribution agreement. We will also advise you when it comes to selecting your partners.

The cornerstone: development of business structures and drafting of contracts

The purpose of drafting the contract is to anticipate as many future issues and challenges as possible. The more watertight the contract drafted, the better prepared you are for future developments. For example, it is vital to ascertain which sales structures are suitable for your business area and how you can best leverage e-commerce to boost sales. Together we will develop a tailor-made contract solution for your business model.

The right balance: leadership with trust and control

With carefully selected partners and a well-drafted contract, you can avoid any difficulties in a working relationship to a large extent. It is therefore worth considering how much control the sales department in your business segment needs and how you can ensure that your sales partner fulfils its obligations. Should problems arise however, Streichenberg is on hand to offer advice, i.e. how to legitimately gain access to a sales partner's premises – and in a worst case scenario, how to separate from a partner.

Regulatory framework: special requirements for compliance

Your partners also have rights. Under antitrust and competition law, you must grant them certain freedoms, including when it comes to pricing. We work with you to define to what extent you are allowed to control the market behaviour of your distributors. Other key compliance issues concern data protection and public employment law. In addition, certain products and services must meet specific legal requirements and authorisations, for example, pharmaceutical, food or tobacco tax laws.

Preparing for the future: flexibility and innovation

You have a successful business model and want to legally secure your know-how and protect your USP. At the same time, you are wondering how to keep your business idea fresh: how do you ensure that you can quickly adapt your distribution system so that it is in line with changing market conditions and customer needs? Do innovations you have made to the distribution system belong to you? And what do you need to consider if you want to try out new ideas directly on the market? It is also crucial to involve your distribution partners in the information management in an appropriate way – after all, collaboration is the key to success.